Proposal Deadline: May 1, 2011

The TSA provides grants for research and conservation action that support specific and selected tortoise and freshwater turtle projects and priority programs. In general, grants are restricted to species ranked either Endangered or Critically Endangered by the IUCN Red List, or that have been highlighted for conservation action in Species Recovery Plan workshops or by the TSA Field Conservation Committee. Priority species and regions may change from year to year. For 2011 we have funding to support a limited number of projects that highlight several priority regions and species. Those are:

  • Colombia, in particular endemic species or those ranked Critically Endangered
  • Indonesia, especially endemic species (Sulawesi in particular), and the Bornean giant river turtle (Orlitia)
  • India, limited to species or topics that emerged as priorities from the October 2010 strategic planning workshop in Lucknow
  • Africa

Proposals that fall outside of these regions will not be considered.
The maximum amount per grant is $5,000 however we will strive to fund as many worthy applicants as possible with these funds, so two $2,500 grants may stand a better chance of being funded than one for $5,000.

TSA does not provide support for indirect organizational overhead expenses associated with administration of grants, and will not fund requests for such indirect costs.

Awards are granted through an internal review process carried out by the Grants Committee of the TSA Board, with some external review.  Final decisions lie with the leadership of the TSA Field Conservation Committee.
For further information and application guidelines go to: