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Preserving Tissue Samples in Ethanol

Hi All,

Just to pass on a note from Bryan regarding preserving samples for genetics:

I need to point out to you that tissues fixed in 70% ethanol have little chance of success for DNA work. They need to be preserved in 95% ethanol or stronger, or else the water (30%) will hydrolyze the DNA. I've tried many times to get DNA out of specimens that have been preserved in 70% ethanol and while it is sometimes possible, it is very challenging and usually results in small fragments.

So basically we need to make sure we put all the tissue samples (e.g. tail snips) taken for genetic samples into 95% or stronger ethanol, no need to dilute the ethanol, some of the tail snips we have collected have been stored in 70% so may be no good.  Luckily though the important Mauremys has been in EDTA (genetic media) which is ultimately the best.

Just to remind you as well that formalin should never be used to store genetic samples.



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