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Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF)
Request for proposals (March 23, 2011)
The Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF) administers a turtle conservation and research grants program.

Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF)
Priority Species List (February 28, 2011)
Species included in this list are Critically Endangered (CR) or proposed as CR (by IUCN Red Listing Workshops).  Listed exceptions include Elusor macrurus (Mary River Turtle) (Endangered), and Terrapene coahuila (Coahuilan Box Turtle) (Endangered).

Turtle Survival Alliance
Request for proposals (February 15, 2011)
The TSA provides grants for research and conservation action that support specific and selected tortoise and freshwater turtle projects and priority programs.  

Asian Turtle Program
New Poster Highlights Need to Conserve Vietnamese pond turtle Mauremys annamensis (October 22, 2010)
An announcement for the release of a new poster focused on protection of the Vietnamese pond turtle (Mauremys annamensis).

Asian Turtle Program
New Awareness Poster for Rafetus swinhoei (October 22, 2010)

The Asian Turtle Program released a new poster aimed at raising awareness about Rafetus swinhoei and urging the public to report any sightings of large soft-shell turtles in the wild.

Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF)
Next round of funding announced (September 26, 2010)
The TCF has announced another round of funding available for projects focused on conservation of the world?s most critically endangered species.  The deadline for grant applications is November 1, 2010

A photographic guide to star tortoises (May 20,2010)
An identification guide for star tortoises produced by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2008. 

Education for Nature - Vietnam
Asian Turtle Crisis Fact Sheet released (April 1, 2010)
ENV has produced a fact sheet to promote understanding and better protection for Vietnam?s tortoises and freshwater turtles, threatened by hunting and trade.

Education for Nature ? Vietnam (ENV)
New Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Identification Resource (March 31, 2010)
ENV and our partners from the Cuc Phuong Turtle Conservation Center and the Asian Turtle Program have produced an electronic identification guide for law enforcement officers to the tortoises and freshwater turtles of Vietnam.  The resource, updated annually, will be distributed to frontline wildlife protection officers throughout Vietnam.

Turtle Conservation Fund
TCF Call for proposals (March 17, 2010)
TCF announced a call for proposals for the next round of funding.  The proposal deadline is May 1, 2010.  See the attachment for links and details.

Education for Natuure ? Vietnam (ENV)
New ?Wanted? poster released by ENV  (March 14, 2010)
ENV and the Asian Turtle Program have released a new poster urging the public to report turtle hunters and traders through ENV?s National Toll-free Wildlife Crime Hotline. 

Asian Turtle Program
Updated field record form (March 12, 2010)
The ATP has produced an updated version of the standard field record report form for tortoises and freshwater turtles.  Feel free to use the form, and if you wish to submit your records to the regional database, please feel free to do so by emailing them to

Marine turtle identification resource (Posted November 22, 2009)
An easy-to-use resource from for identification of the world?s eight marine turtle species.

Turtle Conservation Fund
Call for Proposals (Posted September 20, 2009)
The Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF) is requesting proposals for the next round of TCF funding.  The deadline for proposals is November 1, 2009.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Call for proposals:  Asia Seed Grant Program Announcement (September 5, 2009)
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Cleveland Zoological Society has announced the next round of grants under their Asia Seed Grant Program.  The application deadline is coming up September 18, 2009.  Grants range from $1000-3500 USD.  See links included in this document.

Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF) ? March 13, 2009
TCF Call for Proposals
The next round of funding has been announced by the TCF.  Proposals are due May 1, 2009.  Grants are open for turtle conservation projects of any kind, but TCF priority species are listed at the bottom of the announcement.    

Turtle Conservation Fund - September 27,2008
Request for Proposals
The TCF is accepting proposals for tortoise and freshwater turtle conservation projects.  The deadline for proposals is November 1

Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) ? Posted June 18, 2008
Seed Grants Opportunity for Turtle Conservation
The Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) is issuing a request for proposals for small conservation grants. The purpose of this seed grants program is to support small ($1,000 - $2,000) turtle conservation focused initiatives carried out by range state nationals that generate genuine conservation outcomes.  The deadline is June 30, 2008.  Check out the TSA link for more information:  
ATCN Note:  Apologies for the late posting. 

Turtle Conservation Fund ? March 28, 2008
TCF Announces Call for Proposals
The TCF is accepting proposals for the next round of funding for turtle conservation projects worldwide.  The deadline is May 1, 2008.  Grants range up to $5,000 USD.

ATCN Correspondence ? February 19, 2008
Preserving Tissue samples in ethanol
A brief correspondence relayed by Bryan Stuart on preserving tissues for DNA analysis in ethanol.

Parliament of Malaysia ? January 2008
International Trade in Endangered Species Bill 2007
A full English version of the new law in Malaysia aimed at regulating trade and protecting endangered species listed under CITES

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo ? December 20, 2007
The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announces another round of small grants available for wildlife conservation and research projects.

IUCN ? September 14, 2007
IUCN Red List for Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles
A complete and updated Red List for tortoises and freshwater turtles worldwide, sent to the ATCN by Peter Paul van Dijk.   

Turtle Conservation Fund ? September 14, 2007
TCF Call for Proposals
The TCF is accepting proposals for a second round of grants for small projects aimed at conserving endangered turtles.  The deadline is November 1, 2007.

The Turtle Conservation Fund ? February 19, 2007
Request for Proposals
The Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF) is requesting proposals for the next round of funding.  The application deadline is May 1.  Announcement includes a link to the TCF grants website.

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory ? January 2007
Marking Turtles for Long Term Studies in the Field
A diagram and directions for marking of turtles using notching by Kurt Buhlmann of the SREL. 

September 2006 - WCS China
Identification Sheet for Rafetus swinhoei and other Asian soft-shell species
A brief description for identification of  Rafetus swinhoei and other Asian soft-shell turtle species.  Produced by John Thorbjarnarson and the WCS China team.  Includes excellent photos of soft-shell turtle species.

September 2006 - List of commonly traded species
A  flyer produced by ENV and handed out to Dong Xuan Market authorities, pet shop owners, and Forest Protection Department inspectors as part of ENV?s efforts to close Dong Xuan Market, Hanoi?s most visible market for wildlife.  

June 7, 2006 - Revised ATCN Field Record Report form (pdf)
A revised version of the ATCN field record report form including new references for voucher type (section12) to include blood and tissue samples and the addition of altitude in the GPS coordinate box (section 20).

May 20, 2006 - McCord film attitude module (pdf)
A new training module used in awareness and training programs by the Asian Turtle Program uses the McCord turtle market film to examine attitudes amongst young Vietnamese students about the turtle trade and determine whether concern over treatment and welfare of animals might provide greater opportunities for public involvement in wildlife protection.

May 2006 - Tortoises and freshwater turtles of Vietnam (pdf)
An updated list of Vietnam?s tortoises and freshwater turtles with changes on the legal status resulting from a new wildlife protection law.  Additionally, two new Cuora species are finally added to the list.

February, 2006 - Timed Search Methods (pdf)
David Emmett, Conservation International

January, 2006 - Turtle Training for Wildlife Protection Officers (pdf)
The Asian Turtle Program?s training module for wildlife protection officers may be used as a template for adapting and developing turtle training workshops in other parts of the region.

Turtle Rescue of New Jersey - 2005
Easy shell repair
Instructions by Harriet Forrester and John Satta on repairing damage to the carapace of turtles.  Includes excellent photos detailing each step.

November 2005 - Patrol Report Form and River Protection Unit Terms of Reference
These documents may be useful for other site-specific turtle protection projects with an enforcement component.

November 2005 - Sirtrack Wildlife Tracking Solutions (pdf format)

November 2005 - Turtle Captivity Records (pdf format)

August 27, 2005 - The Chindwin River Project Village Awareness Meeting 1
One of two community-based awareness programs developed by project staff working with experts from Education for Nature ? Vietnam (ENV), designed to promote awareness amongst local residents of communities within the project area.  ENV plans to work with the project to develop a lesson plan for schools and other awareness resources in early 2006.

December 2004 - Asia Region Turtle Species lists (pdf format)
Species lists document all known native and non-native species in:

October 2004 - Notching techniques and a labelled scientific diagram of a turtles Scutes of Carapace and Plastron
Diagram displaying the technique adopted by the Turtle Conservation Centre in Cuc Phuong National Park (Vietnam) in addition to a labelled diagram displaying the different parts of the Scutes of Carapace and Plastron. See Notching diagram and Carapace and Plastron Diagram

October 2004 - Tortoise Search Methods
A brief report and outline on a recent survey and the techniques employed to search for the Impressed tortoise (Manouria impressa) and the Elongated Tortoise (Indotestudo elongata) in the Cardamom Mountains (Cambodia). Read More

June 2004 - Cambodia Protected Areas Map
Map produced by the Wildlife Conservation Society (Cambodia) displaying Cambodia's Protected Areas. See Map

June 2004 - Species-focused conservation initiatives
Set of guidelines formulated by the ATCN for guiding development of species-focused conservation initiatives in order to ensure that our efforts have the most positive and practical impacts on turtles. Read full guidelines

June 2004 ? ?Asia Regional Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Atlas?
The Asian Turtle Conservation Network is in the process of building a database to accumulate field records for turtles in the region that are observed during the course of biological surveys or other field-related activities. Access a blank field record report (pdf), directions on how to fill in the form (pdf) and an introduction to the Asian Regional Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Atlas.

Turtle Conservation Fund ? 2003
Top 25 most endangered turtles in the world
A snapshot of the world?s 25 most critically endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles

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