Turtle Conservation Funded Projects
Grants Announced in March 2009 (November 2008 cycle)

Schoppe, Sabine.  2008.  Siebenrockiella leytensis over time ? are populations stable?  Funded $4,986.

Win Ko Ko, Kyaw Moe, and Khin Myo Myo.  2008.  Investigation on the status of Batagur trivittata, formally named Kachuga trivittata, and other endemic species along the Sittoung River in Myanmar.  Funded $5,000. 

Khin Myo Myo, Kyaw Moe, and Win Ko Ko.  2008.  Survey on the status of Arakan Forest Turtle; Heosemys depressa and other endemic species in the Rakhine Yoma Elephant Range Wildlife Sanctuary, Rakhine State.  Funded $3,850.  

Sovannara, Heng.  2008.  The Batagur baska conservation project, Cambodia.  Funded $5,000.

China (species)
Poschadel, Jens R.; Blanck, Torsten; Raffel, Martina; Meier, Elmar; Plath, Martin; Tiedemann, Ralph; and Zwartepoorte, Henk.  2008.  Studying the genetic variability of the Critically Endangered Cuora trifasciata group, Cuora aurocapitata, Cuora pani and Cuora zhoui using microsatellite markers.  Funded $6,500

McCormack, Tim; Hendrie, Douglas B.; Van Ha, Hoang; and Chi Nhan, Nguyen.  2008.  Production and distribution of an awareness poster for the endemic Vietnamese pond turtle (Mauremys annamensis).  Funded $3,000.




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