TSA Announces Seed Grants for 2006

The TSA recently awarded $8,745 in Seed Grants for turtle conservation.  The 2006 recipients are:  

1) Status and conservation of the Asian Giant Softshell turtle, Pelochelys cantorii, in the Philippines; Arvin Diesmos, $2,000.

2) Inventory, distribution, status, and conservation action for the critically endangered Philippine forest turtle, Heosemys leytensis, Palawan Island, Philippines; Pierre Fidenci, $2,000.

3) Initiating a Freshwater Turtle Conservation Education Program for Elementary  Schools in Behnkulu, Indonesia; Dr. Aceng Ruyani, $1,800.

4) Conservation Breeding Program for the Black soft-shell, Aspideretes nigricans, in Bangladesh, Ali Reza, $2,000.

5) Publication of Cambodian turtle calendar, David Emmett, $945.

These grants were made possible by a grant from the Batchelor Foundation. TSA seed grants are intended to support small focused turtle conservation initiatives, preferably carried out by range state nationals.  The program is designed to fund projects that could grow and become strengthened through additional support.


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