Telisai Villagers Find Rare River Terrapin


Source:  Borneo Bulletin
June 2, 2008


Rare terrapin before it was released back into the wild. - NAJ

A family at Telisai village has found a river terrapin at their house compound. The river terrapin which was locally known as "baiyuku" is among the largest of Asian river turtles, it is also the most endangered of all.

This can grow up to 60 cm in length. Some places it is called Mangrove Terrapin as mangroves are the favourite habitat of these creatures. Peculiar features of this turtle include an upturned snout and four toes against five for other turtles.

These are turtles critically endangered in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India; extinct in the wild in Thailand; presumably extinct in Myanmar and Vietnam.

Main threats include disappearing mangroves, hunting for meat and eggs, indiscriminate fishing, loss of nesting beaches and so on.
The "baiyuku" has been released to the Telamba River by the family.


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