Source: Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA)
Date: June 23, 2008


British Chelonian Group Supports Projects in India and Myanmar


We announced earlier this year that the British Chelonia Group (BCG) intended to include a $10,000 component in their annual fund-raising drive for the TSA. Five thousand would support construction of two new head-starting facilities in India for the critically endangered red-crowned roofed turtle, Batagur (Kachuga) kachuga, that will alleviate crowding and allow turtles to be raised to at least 1000 grams prior to release. The remaining $5000 would be earmarked for new facility construction for a group of confiscated Asian mountain tortoises, Manouria emys, within their former natural range, at the Yoma Elephant Range at Gwa in Rakhine State. The climatic conditions here ? cool and moist - will be much more conducive to their health and long term survival than where they are currently being held, the Yadanabon Zoo in Mandalay. We also plan to develop new facilities for a group of confiscated Arakan forest turtles, Heosemys depressa, a critically endangered endemic that is also found in Rakhine State. The goal of these facilities is to create range country assurance colonies that will help ensure their long term survival in that troubled country. We have been informed that their funding appeal was successful and that TSA will receive $10,000 for their India and Myanmar (Burma) programs. The BCG is a previous supporter of TSA programs in both India and Myanmar, and we are deeply appreciative of our ongoing relationship with that remarkably dedicated group of turtle people. They embody a very can do attitude towards turtle conservation and we look forward to a long and productive partnership with them.