Big tortoise appears in Vientiane canal

Oct 19, 2005

A 45 cm wide and 70 cm long tortoise weighing over 30 kg was found at a canal last Saturday at Ban Sibounheuang in Chanthaboury district, Vientiane. Mr Luay Vongvilai, 55, resident of Ban Sibounheuang, saw the tortoise while jogging early in the morning last Saturday. He said that ?I was so surprised to see such a big tortoise. I called other villagers over and to take a look.? Local residents discussed what to do with the animal, and decided a few hours later to offer it to the abbot of Sibounheuang temple in Chanthaboury district. He said ?Some people want to buy the tortoise from me, but I tell them that I will offer it to the temple which should be an ideal place for keeping the animal,?

Mr Luay reported that a lot of people from nearby villages came and had a look at the tortoise. Some people believed that the tortoise would bring them good luck.

Since last Saturday, many more people visited the temple to have a good look at the big tortoise. Some visitors donated money for buying food. Mr Luay said that we fed the tortoise with meat, vegetable, but it didn't eat. But when he gave the tortoise honey, he ate it. Now the temple is considering help from aquatic animal experts with regard to tortoise food.

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