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Sai Gon Liberation Issue: 10061
Date: June 29th 2005 Author: D. N.

Releasing a Batagur baska with a Microchip into the Wild

In coordination with the Wildlife At Risk (WAR), the Ho Chi Minh City Forest Protection Department received a mangrove terrapin Batagur baska from the Tay Ninh Provincial Forest Protection Department which confiscated the turtle from a wildlife trader.

The mangrove terrapin Batagur baska, which was identified by WAR, has webbed feet. Normally, a turtle like this has two front legs with four nails, but the confiscated mangrove terrapin had only two nails left (probably resulting from time spent in captivity).

The mangrove terrapin Batagur baska is under a threat of extinction, and is listed in the Red Data Book by IUCN. After being examined, it was determined that the turtle had a coded microchip (AVID 005 260 775) on its rear right leg which is the same number as a turtle marked by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Cambodia.

The turtle weighs 15 kilograms, is 52 cm long, moves and eats normally. At present, WAR in coordination with the Ho Chi Minh City and Mr. Douglas B. Hendrie (expert of WCS in Hanoi) has completed necessary procedures in order to release the mangrove terrapin into the wild of Cambodia.