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The Labor Newspaper Issue: 276
Date: October 3rd 2003 Author: L.Q.D.

Sixty-four Turtles Released into Cat Tien National Park

October 3, 2003

At the end of September 2003, 64 tortoises and turtles were transported from Cuc Phuong National Park to Cat Tien National Park by train in order to be released into the wild.

The tortoises and turtles consisted of 45 elongated tortoises Indotestudo elongata and 19 giant Asian pond turtles Heosemys grandis which are native to Cat Tien. Included amongst those released were 12 small individuals which were hatched at Cuc Phuong Turtle Rescue Center. The tortoises and turtles were confiscated from illegal wildlife trade.

The sixty-four tortoises and turtles were carefully examined to see whether they had diseases, and were marked before being released, which will help officers of Cat Tien National Park identify the tortoises and turtles in the future if they are found.