Education for Nature - Vietnam
Source: People Newspaper
Issue: 17397
Date: 13th March 2003

An Illegal Transport of Wild Animals to Hanoi

According to the Vietnam News Agency, the Customs Department of Noi Bai International Airport and the Hanoi Economic Police Department confiscated an illegal shipment of wild animals on a flight to Hanoi.  Based on initial information, on 8th March 2003, there was a shipment of live animals discovered on Singapore Airlines flight SQ 176 which were being sent to the Viet Thai Company (at 270, Truong Chinh district, Hanoi) by the Hup ? Lee Seng Company (in Malaysia).

According to the transport document No.61950156551, the cargo of live animals consisted of 240 crates of live soft-shell turtles weighing 4,889 kilos. However, the functional agencies did not find an import permit for the shipment to Vietnam. Additionally, the functional agencies discovered some pangolins, which are rare and precious animals in the cargo hold. After that, the functional agencies made a report to temporarily confiscate the shipment of turtles, and transported them to Soc Son Wildlife Rescue Center. 

It is said that right after the shipment of turtles was discovered, the Hup ? Lee Seng Company sent a fax to Vietnam and said that the company had mis-sent their goods. Meanwhile, the Viet Thai Company refused to receive the cargo.

At present, functional agencies in Hanoi are carrying out an investigation to settle this case.