Education for Nature - Vietnam
Source: Science and Development Newspaper
Issue: 11 (214)
Date: 13th - 19th March 2003
Author: T.H.

A Container of Dead Turtles Discovered at Hai Phong Seaport

On 6th March 2003, functional agencies of Hai Phong city discovered a refrigerated container of 11,200 kilos of turtles after the container was unloaded from the ship, Steamer Fortune V.0305N (Singapore registered) to the freight yard No.1 of Hai Phong Seaport. These turtles were being sent to the Viet Trung Company which is located in Hong Bang district of Hai Phong city.

Right after discovering the container, the functional agencies opened it to check, and determined that all of the turtles in the container had died, which produced bad smell and some black water. The cause of the death to the turtles was improper refrigeration.

While looking for settlements, the functional agencies permitted refrigerating the container of turtles, and took some measures to prevent the surrounding environment from being polluted.