Education for Nature - Vietnam
Source: The Pioneer Youth Newspaper
Issue: 50
Date: 11 March 2003
Author: Lam Khe

11 Tons of Turtles Incinerated in Hai Phong

On the morning of 11th March 2003 at Trang Cat dumping ground (in Trang Cat commune, An Hai district, Hai Phong city), functional agencies of Hai Phong city carried out the incineration of 11 tons of turtles.

These turtles were discovered in a container placed in a cargo ship which came to Hai Phong Seaport from Malaysia. On 6th March 2003, the security agencies of Hai Phong discovered and confiscated the container of turtles. Nevertheless, at the time that the agencies discovered the 11- ton shipment of turtles, all of the turtles were dead.   

The container was owned by the Viet Trung Company Limited, and the company planned to export the turtles to China.