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Local forest turtle getting extinct
The Philippine Forest Turtle (Siebenrockiella leytensis), commonly found in Palawan, is now among the 25 endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles in the world, with an extremely high risk of getting extinct, international experts said.

TRAFFIC website
Too little done to address trade threat to Asia?s tortoises and freshwater turtles (Posted February 28, 2011)
Malaysian Giant Turtle Orlitia borneensis, one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world is found only in Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and Sumatra, and listed as Critically Endangered.

Focus Taiwan
Taiwan to help build transitional refuge for turtles in Myanmar (Posted February 28, 2011)
Taiwan has donated US$10,000 to help set up a halfway house for Burmese star tortoises in Myanmar that will promote the conservation of the endangered species, the Taipei Zoo said Monday.

Tuoi Tre
Hanoi sets up committee to save legendary turtle (Posted February 18, 2011)
An Indonesian man was arrested at the airport in Bangkok, Thailand for trying to smuggle so many rare animals it sounds like he had a small zoo stuffed in his luggage.

AOL Travel
Thais Bust Man With Rare Animals at Airport (Posted February 11, 2011)
An Indonesian man was arrested at the airport in Bangkok, Thailand for trying to smuggle so many rare animals it sounds like he had a small zoo stuffed in his luggage.

Deccan Herald
UK foils plot to smuggle rare Indian Star Tortoises (Posted February 10, 2011)
Britain's immigration officials have foiled a plan to smuggle eight live Indian Star Tortoises to Manchester, official sources here said.


Zoo and Aquarium
Singapore Zoo Successfully Breeds Rare Giant River Terrapins
Singapore - Only a handful of these elusive and rare giant river terrapins are known to be left in their native homeland Cambodia ? but the Singapore Zoo has successfully bred four of them, with more expected to join the family of eight in the months to come.

US Department of Justice
Japanese nationals arrested on charges of smuggling turtles and tortoises from Japan into the United States
LOS ANGELES ? Two Japanese nationals have been arrested on federal animal smuggling charges at Los Angeles International Airport after they allegedly brought into the United States approximately 55 live turtles and tortoises that were concealed in snack food boxes discovered in a suitcase.

TSA Magazine
WCS/TSA Partnership provides renewed hope for Batagur in Indochina (August 2010)
A feature article in TSA magazine on efforts to conserve Batagur affinis in Cambodia. 

Analisa Daily
Tracing the footsteps of Batagur borneoensis in Pusong Cium, Sumatra (October 3, 2010)
A translation of a news article that appeared October 3 in northern Sumatra?s most widely circulated newspaper about Batagur borneoensis in Sumatra

Thanh Nien
NGO raids turtle show dedicated to Thang Long anniversary (October 1, 2010)
A news article about a show advertising 1000 turtles on display in Hanoi to celebrate the 1000 year birthday of the city.  At the show, ENV inspectors discovered hundreds of turtles, including many rare and endangered species that should not have been in captivity.

Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF)
TCF Funds Five Projects in Asia (Posted October 1, 2010)
The May 2010 round of proposals to TCF resulted in the funding of five projects focused on Asian turtles. 

Hoan Kiem?s endangered deity (September 17, 2010)
A news article on Rafetus swinhoei following the observation of a fishing hook in the carapace of the famous Hoan Kiem turtle caused alarm within the community

Freshwater turtles face bleak future (September 10, 2010)
An article on how the world?s approximately 220 freshwater turtle species are threatened by exploitation and consumption as food or collection as pets

Turtle Survival Alliance
Confiscated Temple turtles to be transfered to US (August 30, 2010)
A brief news summary from TSA on the planned transfer of 50 Heosemys annandalii that were confiscated in February 2010 in Hong Kong to long-term placement facilities in the USA. 
Back in China: Efforts to Breed Rafetus swinhoei (Posted June 12, 2010)
A quick update by TSA on efforts to breed the only known captive pair of Rafetus swinhoei at Suzhou Zoo in China.

The Philippine Star
Two arrested for killing soft-shell (June 2, 2010)
A news article about the arrest of a cook and restaurant manager that were reportedly selling soft-shell turtles in specialty dishes at their restaurant in Pasay City. 

Protecting The Dong Mo Rafetus (Posted June 1, 2010)
A link to a Vietnamese language news segment on protecting Rafetus swinhoei in Dong Mo Lake where the last known wild Rafetus swinhoei persists.  Great Rafetus shots and visuals of the lake habitat.
LINK to film segment:

Wildlife Alliance
Truck intercepted with load of 126 endangered turtles (May 31, 2010)
A press release from Wildlife Alliance on the seizure of 804kg of Heosemys annandalii on a truck in Cambodia?s Kendal province.  Authorities believe that the turtles came from Thailand and were passing through Cambodia to Vietnam.

Painted terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) film  (May 1, 2010)
A brief film on efforts in the Sumatran province of Aceh (Indonesia) to protect the critically endangered painted terrapin, Batagur borneoensis.

Turtle Survival Alliance
Chambal Conservation Center Opens in India (April 22, 2010)
A new visitor interpretation center in India has opened at the National Chambal River Sanctuary aimed at promoting awareness amongst visitors and members of local communities about turtles and other aquatic wildlife. 

VietnamNet Bridge
Vietnam?s Hoan Kiem Turtles on Brink of Extinction (April 15, 2010)
An article about the world?s last known wild Rafetus swinhoei in Dong Mo Lake

Turtle Survival Alliance
Third Time?s A Charm (March 27, 2010)
A brief update from the TSA on this year?s plans to breed Rafetus swinhoei at Suzhou Zoo in China.

Critically endangered tortoises seized in Bangkok (February 18, 2010)
A press release from ASEAN WEN on a seizure of 58 live radiated tortoises found in the suitcase of a passenger traveling from Bangkok to the Philippines.

The Asian Turtle Crisis (Posted January 1, 2010)
A film on the Asian Turtle Crisis featuring Chris Banks of the Melbourne Zoo speaking on the issue


Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA)
Milestone for the Burmese roofed turtle recovery program (December 5 2009)
A news update from TSA on the Burmese roofed turtle (Batagur trivittata) conservation breeding program at the Yadadabon Zoo in Mandalay.

Phnom Penh Post
Tonnes of reptiles seized at border (December 4, 2009)
Almost two tons of turtles and snakes were seized in Kandal province, Cambodia.  The turtles reportedly included elongated tortoises (Indotestudo elongata), and the shipment was to be smuggled across the border into Vietnam. 

Customs seizes turtles in Taiwan (Posted November 30, 2009)
A brief news story on the August seizure of 1,225 Cuora flavomarginata in Taiwan.  The turtles were in 50 crates falsely labeled and were reportedly destined for Hong Kong.

Turtle Survival Alliance
Burmese roofed terrapin faces new threat (November 20, 2009)
A brief note from TSA on the threat posed by gold mining on Batagur trivittata habitat in Myanmar.

Turtle Survival Alliance
Batagur Project Update - Malaysia (date)
A brief news update from the TSA on efforts to conserve river terrapins (Batagur) on the Setiu River in the eastern state of Terengganu, Malaysia. Dr. Chan Eng reports 15.7% recapture rates for head-started turtles released into the river.  

Taipei Times
Taipei Zoo Inks pact on rare tortoises  (September 16, 2009)
A news article about a new agreement between the Taipei Zoo and the US Behler Chelonian Center to transfer captive born Burmese star tortoises from Taipei Zoo back to a zoo (presumably the Mandalay Zoo) in Myanmar.

The Burmese star tortoise is endemic to Myanmar and is highly valued in the pet trade. 

Myanmar Times
Critically endangered turtle found in Rakhine State (September 14, 2009)
A second more in depth news article on a WCS survey team finding Arakan Forest Turtles (Heosemys depressa) in the wild for the first time.

Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA)
Rafetus barrier installed (September 11, 2009)
Another news update from the Suzhou Zoo breeding project where efforts are underway to breed the last two captive turtles of this species.  A new barrier will prevent visitors of the zoo from throwing trash into the ponds where the turtles reside.

Associated Press
Turtle thought to be extinct spotted in Myanmar (September 7, 2009)
Scientists have just recorded the capture of the Arakan Forest Turtle (Heosemys depressa) in western Myanmar for the first time, according to a news article and press release from WCS.

ATCN Note:  The story is not factually correct.  The species was never thought extinct and WCS and CI field times have recorded dozens in local trade prior to the ??discovery?.  However, the finding is interesting and the species is important.

Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA)
Good news and bad news from China (July 17, 2009)
An update from the Rafetus swinhoei breeding project at Suzhou Zoo in China where the last two known remaining captive specimens of the species have been paired in hopes of producing another generation of turtles.

Cambodian Turtle Conservation Project
First Success in Head-starting Asian Giant Soft-shell Turtles (Pelochelys cantorii) in Cambodia (Posted June 2009)
A brief summary from last year?s head-starting program for giant soft-shells in Cambodia.  Great hatchling photos!

ATCN Note:  The ATCN was late posting this story which was received in early 2009.  Apologies to the excellent team in Cambodia working with this species. ? Posted May 23, 2009 (China)
Student activists try to save wildlife on China?s menu
A news article about a group of young Chinese activists called Asian Turtle Rehabilitation Project that are working to prevent consumers from eating turtles.  Check out the video link below too.
Video link:

New Straits Times ? May 22, 2009 (Malaysia)
Seitu terrapin centre needs more public help
A news article on the decline of nesting Batagur affinis along the Seitu River in eastern Malaysia, and the need for local fishermen to contribute more eggs to the conservation program.    

New Straits Times ? May 22, 2009 (Malaysia)
Mating Game Their Last Hope
Another story on efforts in China to breed the last two known captive Rafetus swinhoei

Turtle Survival Alliance ? Posted May 13, 2009
Second chance for the Yangtze giant soft-shell turtle?
A brief update from the TSA on this year?s efforts to breed Rafetus swiinhoei at the Suzhou Zoo, where two of the world?s only four known remaining turtles of this species can be found, and the ONLY pair. 

CWRCA ? Posted May 9, 2009
Soft-shell turtle sacrificed on superstitious belief
A news brief by the Center for Wildlife Research and Conservation Action (CWRCA) in India about the sacrifice of turtles as part of religious belief. ? May 4, 2009 (Philippines)
Will the illegal trade of the critically endangered Philippine forest turtle lead to its extinction?
An article from Endangered Species International (ESI) on monitoring of the Philippine forest turtle (Siebenrockiella leytensis) in Manilla markets.

The Star ? April 26, 2009
Turtle smuggled under garlic
A news article reports on a seizure in Malaysia of king cobras and 814 Malayan box turtles (Cuora amboinensis) hidden in bags of garlic.  The turtles were reportedly later released. 

ATCN ? Posted April 9, 2009
World?s Rarest Turtle, Rafetus swinhoei, on Film
Two news segments on Rafetus swinhoei can be found on the following links.  The first link is a Vietnamese news segment on the Rafetus swinhoei rescue in November 2008 west of Hanoi, Vietnam.  The second link is to a Nature film segment on the pairing of Rafetus at Suzhou Zoo in China in early 2008.

Myanmar Times ? February 23, 2009
US group work to save Myanmar turtles
A news story linked to the most recent mission to Myanmar by Rick Hudson of the Turtle Survival Alliance and efforts underway to protect Myanmar?s turtles. 
ATCN Note:  The story incorrectly notes that there are only seven native species in Myanmar.  In fact there are 24 confirmed native species in Myanmar (not including marine turtles) and seven endemic species, found ONLY in Myanmar.

The Straits Times ? February 23, 2009
Box turtles facing threat
A news article on the recent TRAFFIC report on the trade of Cuora amboninensis (Malaysian box turtle). The report suggests that as many as 2.1 million box turtles are traded annually, most going to markets in Asia, but also to pet stores in the US and Europe.    

Times of India ? February 23, 2009
One arrested with tortoise skins worth lakhs
A man was arrested with 109 tortoise skins in Lucknow, India when authorities conducted a routine search of packages at railway and bus stations.  The man stated that the turtles mostly came from the Ghagra River and that tortoise skins were often sold to China. 
ATCN Note:  Tortoise skins undoubtedly refer to ?tortoise shells?

DPA ? February 11, 2009 (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong Customs Seizure Rare Turtles and Wildlife
Customs officers in Hong Kong International Airport seized two rare Angonoka tortoises and other wildlife from a passenger arriving from Thailand. The tortoises are endemic to Madagascar and are considered amongst the rarest in the world.

The Telegraph ? January 16, 2009
Barak turtles last spotted in your neighbor's soup (India)
At least five species of-shell turtles are disappearing from the Barak Valley as hunters seek profits selling freshwater turtles to local markets.      


Associated Press ? November 26, 2008
Rare Vietnamese turtle in close call with soup pot
An AP story on the rescue of the world?s last remaining Rafetus swinhoei in the wild, caught by fishermen on the 26th in a stream west of Hanoi

Wildlife Alliance (Press Release) ? November 24, 2008
Hundreds of turtles and snakes rescued from trade in Cambodia
A news article about a trade seizure involving 123 kg of turtles including Heiremys annandalii, Malayemys subtrijuga, and Amyda cartilaginea. 
ATCN Note:  The turtles were actually confiscated by the Forestry Department with assistance from Wildlife Alliance as WA?s mission is to strengthen Cambodian government efforts, not the other way around.

South Florida Sun - November 19, 2008
Thousands of Frorida soft-shell turtles end up on dinner plates in China
An article on the export of Florida soft-shell turtles to China.  One exporter reported shipping 1,500 turtles a week. 

The Times of India ? November 6, 2008
Four exotic turtles seized from capital
A trader dealing in native and exotic pets was arrested in New Delhi in possession of four endangered Indian tent turtles, presumably Kachuga tentoria.   

New York Times ? October 7, 2008
Future of Giant Turtle Still Uncertain
An article on the breeding of Rafetus swinhoei at Suzhou Zoo and the failure of this year?s eggs to hatch. ? October 6, 2008
China gobbling up Florida turtles
A news article about how turtles from Florida (US) are being exported to China, and local efforts to stop turtle hunting.

AP ? October 4, 2008
Elderly turtle pair fails to produce offspring
The first attempt to breed Rafetus swinhoei in captivity resulted in eggs but the eggs failed to hatch.  The pair at China?s Suzhou Zoo are the last two known living examples of this species in captivity. 
ATCN NOTE:  There is at least one living wild Rafetus in a lake in northern Vietnam, and a second living animal in Hanoi?s Hoan Kiem Lake. 

Daily Star (UK) ? August 12, 2008
Rare mini turtle born at zoo
A news story on the Bristol Zoo?s recent hatching of a yellow-margined box turtle (Cuora flavomarginata). ? August 8, 2008
Rampant smuggling of Indian Star tortoises
A news article on the smuggling of star tortoises with a brief overview of smuggling operations, routes, and destinations.

Times of India ? August 2, 2008
950 star tortoises seized in Chennai
A brief news article on a seizure of star tortoises bound for Bangkok by Customs officers in Chennai, India.

Asian Turtle Program ? July 4, 2008 (Cambodia)
Guarded nesting beaches yields hatching Pelochelys on Mekong
Efforts to protect nesting beaches by the Cambodian Turtle Conservation Team have resulted in 91 Pelochelys cantorii offspring this year. 

Asian Turtle Program ? July 4, 2008 (Vietnam)
Field survey in Quang Ngai Province yields six trade records for Mauremys annamensis
A brief summary highlighting the results of a June survey for the Vietnamese pond turtle in Quang Ngai province of central Vietnam. 

Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) - Posted July 4, 2008 (India)
Disney Conservation Hero Award 2008
Herpetologist Shailendra Singh is recognized for his efforts in the Chambal River Valley to save Batagur kachuga, a critically endangered river terrapin. 

Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF) - July 4, 2008
Spring 2008 TCF Grant Recipients Announced
The TCF has awarded grants to four projects involving Asian turtles; Kachuga trivittata, Chelodina mccordi, Mauremys annamensis, and Chinemys nigricans

Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) - June 23, 2008
World?s last known captive female Rafetus swinhoei nests
A short but critically important piece of news from the field:  The female Rafetus in Suzhou Zoo has just deposited eggs in the enclosure?s sandbank.    

Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) - June 23, 2008
British Chelonian Group to support new facilities
The BCG will support new head-starting facilities for Batagur kachuga in India and for confiscated Manouria emys and Heosemys depressa in Myanmar?s Arakan Forest region.

The Observer - June 1, 2008 (China)
It's love or bust for Yangtze River turtles
Another news article on efforts to breed Rafetus swinhoei at Suzhou Zoo in China.

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) ? May 21, 2008
Relocation of endangered Chinese turtle may save species
A press release on the pairing of two Yangtze River soft-shell turtles (Rafetus swinhoei) at Suzhou Zoo in China.  Brining these critically endangered turtles together may be the last hope for the species? survival, as only four living examples of this species are known to exist. 

TRAFFIC ? Posted June 2, 2008
Indonesia Tightens Tortoise Trade Regulations
A summary by TRAFFIC on a new law requiring permits for import of all CITES-listed turtles to Indonesia.

Borneo Bulletin ? June 2, 2008
River terrapin found on Borneo
A news article that appeared in the Borneo press about a Batagur baska found along the Telamba River in Brunei. 

Science Daily ? May 23, 2008
Relocation of Endangered Chinese Turtle May Save Species
A news article on efforts to bring together the last two captive Rafetus swinhoei at a Chinese zoo where conservationists hope the animals will mate and produce a new generation.

Daily News and Analysis India ? May 12, 2008
Turning Star Turtle
A news article about star tortoises being sold openly at a market in Bombay.

ATCN ? May 12,, 2008
Efforts to Save the Species: Rafetus on the Move in China
The latest on efforts to breed Rafetus at Suzhou Zoo in China.

Wildlife Alliance - April 30, 2008
Successful turtle and python rescue along the Cambodian-Thai border
A press release on the seizure of 418.5 kg of turtles and pythons by wildlife protection officers representing three native species; Hieremys annandalii, Cuora amboinensis, and Malayemys subtrijuga. 
ATCN NOTE:  Wildlife Alliance incorrectly asserts in their press release that Hieremys annandalii is a species of cultural importance in Cambodia and carvings are inscribed on the walls of Angkor temples.  In fact, Batagur baska is the species considered of cultural importance in Cambodia, known as the Royal Turtle and found on the walls of Angkorian temples. 

TRAFFIC - April 25,2008
Bangkok market a hub for illegal international trade in freshwater turtles and tortoises
A press release on a new report by TRAFFIC on the exotic turtle trade in Bangkok's weekend market where 25 out of 27 species documented during surveys were non-native, including species listed on Appendix 1 of CITES.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo - April 25,2008
Indian narrow-headed soft-shell to benefit from survey and head-start initiative
A brief abstract from summarizing a project funded by the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Cleveland Zoological Society focused on conservation of Chitra chitra.

The Times of India ? April 25, 2008
Crocodile Bank breeds rare painted terrapin
A news story on the successful breeding of painted roof terrapins (Kachuga kachuga) at the Madras Crocodile Bank.

Science Daily - April 19, 2008
Almost extinct turtle discovered living in the wild of the northern Vietnam

A new article on the discovery of the only known living example of Rafetus swinhoei in the wild. 

The Times of India - April 16,2008
Tortoise Thieves
A news story on the seizure of 335 Indian star tortoises from the luggage of a passenger at India's Chennai International Airport who was boarding a flight to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Reuters ? March 4, 2008
Pig?s Feet, Turtle Blood Fuel Japan Beauty Trend
A news article on the consumption of turtles in Japan by women as part of a growing beauty trend. 

TRAFFIC ? February 1, 2008
TRAFFIC and Singapore Zoo collaborate to launch new turtle guidebook
A new turtle identification guide was released by TRAFFIC and the Singapore Zoo for enforcement officers that covers species native to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and PNG.

The Star ? January 29, 2008
New Wildlife Law from March
A news article on new legislation in Malaysia will protect the Indian star tortoise and other CITES-listed species. ? January 28, 2008
Tortoise Smuggling Racket Busted
Two alleged star tortoise traders were killed in a shootout with police in Hazaribagh (India).


Daily Times ? December 12, 2007
Tortoise meat, shells worth Rs 4m seized
A news article on the seizure of 26 cartons of tortoise meat and five bags of tortoise shell by Punjabi wildlife protection authorities.

New York Times ? December 5, 2007

China?s Turtles Emblems of a Crisis
A news story on the world?s only known two captive Rafetus swinhoei (in China) as symbols of China?s biodiversity crisis.

VietnamNet ? November 7, 2007
Mystic tortoise reappears in Hoan Kiem Lake
A news article on this week?s appearance of the large Rafetus swinhoeii in HoanKiemLake. ? October 31, 2007
600 star tortoises seized at airport
Two news stories on the star tortoise seizures in India.   One case involved 555 tortoises and the a second case resulted in the seizure of 600 tortoises.  In both cases, the passengers were bound for Malaysia.

Express India ? October 24, 2007
975 star tortoises rescued, sent to Sanjay Gandhi park for care
Bombay authorities seized 975 Indian star tortoises in two separate incidents.  Both shipments, seized form passengers at the airport preparing to board flights to Bangkok.

The Star ? October 21, 2007
Human couriers for tortoises
Exotic turtles being smuggled into Malaysia from India and Africa using couriers.  The authorities have difficulty combating the smuggling due to loop-holes in the law which leave some species unprotected.

PTI ? August 24, 2007
2000 star tortoises rescued, two held for smuggling in Mumbai (India)
2016 star tortoises were confiscated from smugglers attempting to board a flight to Malaysia. 

Xinhua News Agency ? September 1, 2007
Nature reserve planned for endangered turtle
Chinese authorities plan to establish a nature reserve in eastern China to protect the yellow-headed box turtle, Cuora aurocapitata. 
ATCN Editor?s Note:  This news article notes that only 100 of the species survive in the wild, which would be true if the species were Cuora yunnanensis, however the location of the new reserve is not in the region where C. yunnanensis is believed to persist.

Thanh Nien News? September 10, 2007
Vietnam moves to protect endangered turtle
The government announced a new initiative aimed at protecting the Vietnamese pond turtle (Mauremys annamensis) within its habitat in central Vietnam.

Turtle Conservation Fund ? August 1, 2007
TCF Announces 2007 Grant Recipients
The TCF has awarded nine grants for turtle conservation work. Eight of these grants are to support projects in Asia.

UNI India ? August 5, 2007
Customs seize live star tortoises from air passenger
350 star tortoises were confiscated from a passenger at Chennai International Airport that was reportedly headed for Malaysia.

Bernama? July 23, 2007
Two passengers held in tortoise seizure (India)
Two Malaysian nationals held in star tortoise bust at Chennai Airport, India.

The Hindu ? July 23, 2007
Star tortoises seized (India)
1,000 star tortoises were seized from a flight bound for Singapore in the city of Chennai.

India Times ? July 9, 2007
Rly Police Stumble Upon Tortoise Trade
681 Indian star tortoises were seized by police from a railways station in Bangalore, India. 

The Irrawaddy ? July 5, 2007
Burma?s turtles still big business despite protection efforts
A news article on the tortoise and freshwater turtle trade in Burma and references to protection efforts for marine turtles. 

The Star Online ? July 3, 2007
Smuggled In
A news article on the trade of Indian star tortoises.

Associated Press ? June 25, 2007
Malaysia to return 400 rare tortoises to India
Malaysia plans to return 400 Indian star tortoises that were confiscated at Kuala Lumpur Airport in April. 

Associated Press ? May 18, 2007
Arrest Made in Tortoise Smuggling Case
Two Singapore men face charges in a case involving the smuggling of 120 rare Indian star tortoise into the United States. 

Fish farmer Magazine ? March 30, 2007
Turtle farms threaten rare species, experts say (China)
Chinese turtle farms are turning out thousands of turtles but turtle farmers are buying wild-caught turtles to supplement farming stocks, further depleting wild populations.

DNA India ? March 22, 2007
DRI Reels in Star Catch at Airport (India)
Revenue police seized 1000 Indian star tortoises from the luggage of two passengers bound for Malaysia

New Straits Times ? March 17, 2007
Terrapins versus safer boat passage (Malaysia)
The planned construction of a fish landing complex and proposed waterway on the Setiu River in Terengganu may threaten nesting areas and habitat of two endangered river terrapins, Callagur borneoensis and Batagur baska

AFP News Brief ? February 1, 2007
Thailand Seizes over 1,400 endangered turtles
1,400 turtles including star tortoises, pig-nosed turtles, and snake-necked turtles were confiscated from a public bus heading for Bangkok from the south of Thailand.

The Star Online ? January 29, 2007
Turtle Deaths in Terengganu Spark Alarm (Malaysia)
The recent unexplained death of several Pelochelys cantorii and a large green turtle in Terengganu has scientists concerned.

Indian Express ? January 20, 2007
Chennai to Chambal, captive-bred turtles head for their home (India)
26 painted roofed turtles (Kachuga kachuga) that were bred at the Madras Crocodile Bank were released in the Chambai River.


Vietnam News ? December 13, 2006
Rare Pond Turtle Caught to Help Conservation
A news article on the capture of a wild Mauremys annamensis in central Vietnam in early December.

New Straits Times ? December 11, 2006
River Terrapins return to Dungun
A news story on the efforts of Terengganu state wildlife protection authorities and KUSTEM University to recover a population of the critically endangered river terrapin, Batagur baska, on the Dungun River, Malaysia. 

IANS ? December 8, 2006
5,000 turtles rescued, two arrested in Bihar
A brief news story from the IANS on the seizure of 5,000 turtles from a vehicle in northeast Inda.  The specific species involved in the seizure were not identified. 

German Press Agency ? December 4, 2006
2000 turtles and other wildlife confiscated in Malaysia
A brief news story about a large confiscation of wildlife in Malaysia that included 2,000 tortoises (species unknown).   

Hindustan Times ? November 24, 2006
430 Turtles Found in Flier?s Baggage
A news article on another seizure of Indian star tortoises from a passenger bound for Malaysia.

Vietnam ? November 2006
Turtles Released at Cat Tien National Park
Wildlife protection officers released 35 turtles and four monitor lizards at Cat Tien National Park in southern Vietnam.  It was the first release from the newly established Cu Chi Rescue Center of the Ho Chi Minh Forest Protection Department, and supported by the NGO, Wildlife at Risk (WAR). 

The Hindu ? October 31, 2006
Collector of Star Tortoise Held
A news article carried in The Hindu on the arrest of a star tortoise trader in India

The Star ? November 7, 2006 (Malaysia)
Rare Terrapin Carcass Found
A news article from the Malaysian Star on a large Pelochelys cantorii found along the banks of Terengganu River.

ATCN ? October 23, 2006
Quang Nam Bust Nets Turtles and Traders (Vietnam)
A brief news summary on a trade seizure in Quang Nam Province involving more than 100 turtles representing seven native species, monitor lizards, and snakes.

BBC ? October 2006
Malaysian turtle egg plan ?crazy?
An article from the BBC on a new plan by Malaysian authorities to license the harvesting of marine turtle eggs in Terengganu.

Online Star ? October 21, 2006
Ten Freshwater Turtles Seized (Malaysia)
A news story on the seizure of soft-shell turtles in Sarawak, Malaysia

Jakarta Post ? October 14, 2006
516 pig-nosed turtles released back to their natural habitat
A news article on the release of pig-nosed turtles (Caretochelys insculpta) that were confiscated in Indonesia in 2003.

New Straits Times - September 15, 2006
Smuggler found with 1,460 Indian star tortoises
A news article on a seizure by Indian customs officials of Indian star tortoises being smuggled to Malaysia. 

Associated Press ? September 6, 2006
Man arrested in Thailand for alleged smuggling of tortoises
A Madagascar man was arrested for smuggling 15 radiated tortoises into Thailand.

The Standard ? August 10, 2006
228 tortoises intercepted at airport
Kenyan authorities confiscated 228 leopard tortoises being smuggled from Uganda to Thailand. 

TRAFFIC ? July 3, 2006
Illegal Turtle Shipment Seized in Singapore
TRAFFIC reports that 630 Amyda cartilaginea were confiscated in Singapore where the turtles were destined for local food markets.

The Star ? June 28, 2006
Probe on why pangolins not detected
A news article in the Malaysian press about the Thai Airways shipment of turtles and pangolins from Malaysia that was seized in Bangkok airport.

TRAFFIC SEA ? June 26, 2006
Thai Authorities Seize Turtles at Airport
Thai authorities seized 60 crates containing freshwater turtles and other wildlife falsely labeled as red-eared sliders.

TRAFFIC ? June 18, 2006
News Release:  Singapore?s Harsh Penalties Set Regional Precedent Against Wildlife Smuggling
A press release by TRAFFIC SEA on a major seizure of turtles in Singapore.

TRAFFIC SEA, June 18, 2006
Major Turtle Bust in Singapore
A TRAFFIC news report on a major turtle bust in Singapore (shipment of turtles from Indonesia).

Vietnam News Service, May 28, 2006
The legend of the Hoan Kiem turtle
An article on the legend of the Hoan Kiem turtle, Rafetus swinhoei.

Reuters, May 26, 2006
Cambodian faithful pray to tortoise to heal sick
A news story on the healing powers of turtles in Cambodia.

Japan Times, May 23, 2006
Importers Rare Tortoise A Labor of Love
A news article about the trade of Burmese star tortoises in Japan

VNS, May 17, 2006
Rare turtles rescued from Hong Kong Market
A news article that appeared in Vietnam News on the return of turtles from Hong Kong.

Associated Press ? Bangkok, May 12, 2006
34 endangered turtles returned to Vietnam from Hong Kong
Vietnam welcomed the return of 34 Mauremys annamensis from Hong Kong, the first-ever repatriation of animals recovered from trade back to Vietnam

The Star, May 4, 2006
141 baskets of monitor lizards and tortoises found
Malaysian authorities discovered 436 tortoises and more than 2000 monitor lizards that were reportedly being smuggled into southern Thailand.

WCS Cambodia, March 2006
Indian star tortoises seized in Chennai Airport ? June 6, 2006 (India)
Another bust in India nets traders with star tortoises destined for Malaysia.

The Hindu, March 26, 2006
Seizure of a different kind

Indian authorities seized 482 star tortoises (Geochelone elegans) from luggage belonging to passengers that authorities believe planned to take to Malaysia.

The Star - Malaysia, Febuary 21, 2006
Saving Terrapins
A project to save the highly endangered river terrapin, abandoned four years ago due to fund shortages, was recently revived.

Hong Kong Press Release, January 18, 2006
Customs Seizes Turtle Plastrons
Customs officers of Kwai Chung Customhouse seized from an incoming container 25 cartons of turtle plastrons weighing 897 kilograms.


In the Spotlight Over Illegal Trade
New Straits Times , December 2, 2005
Recent arrests by Indian authorities have revealed that most of the illegally captured tortoises in India were destined for Malaysia or were to be transported through this country.

8 More Indian Turtles in Endangered List
Lucknow Newsline, October 21, 2005
Shocked by the fast extinction of many Indian species of turtles, global experts have decided to include 11 of the 27 Indian species in the critically endangered list of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Big Tortoise Appears in Vientiane Canal
Vientiane Times , October 19, 2005

A 45 cm wide and 70 cm long tortoise weighing over 30 kg was found at a canal last Saturday at Ban Sibounheuang in Chanthaboury district, Vientiane.

Save Turtle Plan Banks on Awareness Campaign
Lucknow Newsline, October 19, 2005
The experts hope to save the turtles by raising awareness in the turtle-populated regions through distribution of postcards and leaflets asking people to provide feedback to the researchers.

Kuckrail to Host International Turtle Breeding Workshop
Lucknow Newsline , October 15, 2005
Experts to draw an extensive action plan for all the 28 species of freshwater turtles and tortoises found in India.

Campaign Shells Out to Help Turtles and Tortoises
Chester Zoo , October 6, 2005
The biggest single global conservation campaign to protect turtles and tortoises has come to an end. Launched in September last year, Shellshock highlighted the extinction crisis facing tortoises and turtles, becoming a Europe-wide campaign involving 200 zoos and aquariums.

Turtle Release - Merit Making and How to Make it Right
October 2005
The Tourism Authority of Thailand website provides information on how to properly release turtles into the wild.

Star tortoises seized at Chennai airport
Chennai Online, September 20, 2005
About 350 endangered star
tortoises worth about Rs 3.5 lakh were seized from a Malaysian national at Chennai airport's Anna International Terminal in the wee hours of today.

Turtle Mania
Viet Nam News, September 14, 2005
Education for Nature - Vietnam (ENV) recently published a poster featuring all 23 native species of tortoises and freshwater turtles in Viet Nam.

Event Educates Kids on Terrapin Conservation
The Star, September 7, 2005
Pupils of SK Mangkok in Setiu, Terengganu, turned up in large numbers at the school for a good cause on National Day.

Merdeka Freedom for Terrapins
The Star, September 1, 2005
National Day meant liberation for 150 river terrapins that were released into Sungai Setiu here yesterday.

A Fun, Rewarding Experience Awaits Visitors
The Star , August 25, 2005
The River Terrapin Conservation and Breeding Centre in Bota Kanan, Central Perak, is a good place for a weekend or school holiday outing with your family.

Disabled Veteran Makes his Fortune with Homegrown Turtles
Vietnam News , July 29, 2005
A disabled veteran in the Mekong province raises turtles in what is now the largest turtle farm in the country.

Pet Shops Openly Flouting International Wildlife Laws
The Star, July 25, 2005
This month, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) raided 20 pet shops and found six selling turtles protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites).

Turtle Soup? Banned Species in Pet Shops
Today Online , July 23, 2005
Endangered species were seized from Long Hu Pets Enterprise, Petmart and Rainbow Pets and Aquarium.

Microchip Helps Save Rare Turtle From Smugglers
National Geographic News, July 22, 2005
An extremely rare turtle has escaped the clutches of smugglers, thanks to a high-tech identification tag and keen-eyed inspectors.

Rare Turtle Is Saved from the Soup-Pot by a Microchip
Newswise, July 18, 2005
An extremely rare ?royal? turtle narrowly escaped a trip to a Chinese soup-pot, thanks to a tiny microchip implanted in its skin, according to experts from the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society.

Critically Endangered Mangrove Turtle Goes Home
Education for Nature Vietnam, July 15, 2005
A rare mangrove turtle safely completed his journey home to Cambodia after being confiscated from a trader's house in Tay Ninh, Vietnam.

Independence Day for terrapins
The Star, July 14, 2005
KUALA TERENGGANU: This year?s National Day celebrations on Aug 31 will also mark the release of 150 river terrapins into Sungai Setiu in Terengganu.

KARACHI: Expert identifies seized turtle
Dawn Newspaper, July 7, 2005
3,600 kg of fresh water turtle meat protected under the law was confiscated by customs when it was being smuggled out abroad by a Lahore-based trader.

State to Gazette Nine More Turtle Sanctuaries
The Star, July 1, 2005
KUALA TERENGGANU: Terengganu?s marine turtles and river terrapins will have nine more sanctuaries to nest in peace.

Releasing a Batagur baska with a Microchip
Education for Nature Vietnam, June 29, 2005
In coordination with the Wildlife At Risk (WAR), the Ho Chi Minh City Forest Protection Department received a mangrove terrapin Batagur baska from the Tay Ninh Provincial Forest Protection Department which confiscated the turtle from a wildlife trader.

Rare Batagur baska Found in Tay Ninh Province
Viet Nam News, June 29, 2005
The Tay Ninh Province Department of Forest Protection has captured a rare Batagur turtle, a species that scientists believed had disappeared from Viet Nam.

River terrapins under threat
The Star, June 20, 2005
River terrapins, once found in huge numbers in Sungai Perak, are facing extinction following a sharp decline in the number of females of the species.

A Pool of Information at Bota Kanan Tuntung Centre
The Star, June 11, 2005
Visit the Bota Kanan Tuntung Centre. Located in Perak, 40km south of Ipoh, off the Ipoh-Lumut road, the centre is a fun and educational place to visit and learn about these wild creatures.

River Terrapin Faces Extinction
New Strait Times, June 8, 2005
The rivers of Kedah, Perak and Terengganu may be the only home to the River Terrapin, an endangered species.

Expert: Protect River Terrapin
The Star, May 19, 2005
The population of the river terrapin has declined drastically and the Government should declare it a protected species, said a turtle conservation expert.

International Turtle Conservation Group Recieves $100,000 Grant
U.S. Newswire, May 10, 2005
The Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) recently received a $100,000 grant from The Batchelor Foundation, allowing the conservation organization to vastly expand its work and prevent the extinction of some of the most critically endangered turtles in Southeast Asia.

Two Rare and Precious Turtles Listed in the Red Data Book Discovered in Lao Cai Province
Education for Nature Vietnam, April 26, 2005
Two Platysternon megacephalum found in Hoang Lien Son National Park.

Turtles Released Into Hanoi's West Lake (pdf)
Education for Nature Vietnam, April 7, 2005
The Hanoi FPD recently released 99 confiscated turtles into the city's historic lake.

Measures to Protect Turtles ? A Muddled Way
Education for Nature Vietnam, April 6, 2005
In the world, turtles and tortoises are not only the rare and precious animals that should be protected but also are symbols of culture and religion for many nations such as Vietnam.

Turtle Triage (pdf)
WCS, April, 2005
Wildlife Conservation Society article on asian turtles

Turtle Conservation Goes at Turtle Speed
Education for Nature - Vietnam, March 23, 2005
In our country there are 23 species of tortoises and fresh water turtles, and five marine turtles species. All of these 28 species of Vietnam are included in a list of endangered species due to habitat loss, wildlife hunting and trade. However, the conservation of the tortoise and turtle species moves slowly and faces some difficulties.

Smuggled Turtles Seized in Indonesia (pdf)
Traffic, March 16, 2005
The East Java Natural Resources conservation body recently seized over seven thousand turtles en route from Papua.

Japan's Role As The World's Leading Importer Of Live Tortoises (pdf)
WWF, March 10, 2005

Some wild tortoise and freshwater turtle populations in Asia could be threatened by trade supplying a vast demand for pet turtles in Japan.

Hoan Kiem Turtle 1 of 6 still Flipping (pdf)
Vietnam News, March 9, 2005

Vietnamese Turtles on the brink of extinction (pdf)
Voice of Vietnam, March 8, 2005

The Ayeyarwady Trading Co. is Captive Breeding and Exporting the Myanmar Star Tortoise with the official permission from the Forest Department
Flower Newspaper, January 25, 2005
Daw Htat Htat Win of the Ayeyarwady Trading Co. told the Flower News that the company has been officially permitted to captive breed and export Myanmar Star Tortoises which are listed as rare species.

Training on Turtles and Tortoises for Vietnamese Students (pfd)
Education for Nature - Vietnam, January 1, 2005


Vietnam Police seize nearly 7.3 tonnes of wild animals headed for China (pdf)
Agence France Presse -- English, December 15, 2004

A one-man effort to cultivate Turtles (pdf)
Vientiane Times (Laos), December 7, 2004

Going to Thailand to Learn How to Farm Soft-shell Turtles
Education for Nature - Vietnam, December 2, 2005
In central Vietnam there are billionaires who have become rich thanks to selling soft-shell turtles for meat and breeding stock to farmers from over 30 provinces and cities throughout northern Vietnam.

Ancient Stone Tortoise Discovered (pdf)
Vietnam News, November 23, 2004

Turtles Saved from Chefs knife (pdf)
BBC News, World Edition, November 23,

Red List Highlights Freshwater Species :Report On Threatened Animals Says Turtles Are Feeling The Heat (pdf), November 17 2004

Zoo joins campaign to shell out for tortoises (pdf)
Evening News (Edinburgh), November 11, 2004

Farming Soft-shell Turtles in Vietnam to Make a Fortune (pdf)
Vietnam Economics Times, November 4, 2004

Soft-shell Turtles and Profits
Education for Nature - Vietnam, October 24, 2004
Up until now, models of soft-shell turtle farming have been developed in various areas nationwide. Nevertheless, the demand for soft-shell turtles grows larger than the supply.

Cuc Phuong Turtle confiscation and release report (Vietnam) (pdf)
Cuc Phuong Turtle Conservation Center, September 20, 2004

Thai Airways Started Embargo in February of Wildlife or Wildlife Parts From Malaysia, Except For Turtles (pdf)
Malaysia's New Strait Times, September 9, 2004

Turtles Target in India's Northeast as Meat Craze Spirals (New Delhi, India) (pdf)
Oneworld South Asia, August 6, 2004

Soft-shell Turtle Farming in Duong Quang (pdf)
The Labour Newspaper, August 4, 2004

Haven for suitcase tortoises (UK and Hong Kong) (pdf)
Manchester News, Carl Palmer, July 26, 2004

US Proposals (for CITES) To Control Turtle Trade Seen By Thai Critics As Trade Barrier (pdf)
Bangkok Post, July 25, 2004

Enforcing CITES (Malaysia) (pdf)
News Straits Times, July 24, 2004

Indian Star Tortoise (Geochelone elegans) may soon be afforded protection in Peninsular Malaysia (pdf)
New Straits Times, July 23, 2004

Japans love for exotic pets ruffles environmentalists (pdf)
Khaleej Times Online, July, 21, 2004

Star Tortoises seized in Mumbai (India) (pdf)
Express New service, July 21, 2004

Chester zoo sanctuary for seized tortoises (Malaysia and UK) (pdf)
Daily Post, July 21, 2004

Reptile import charge revived (Asia and USA) (pdf)
Henry K. Lee, Chronical, July 21, 2004

TRAFFIC report shows ease of smuggling animals into Peninsular Malaysia (pdf)
New Straits Times, July 21, 2004

600 Star tortoises seized at Anna International airport (Malaysia) (pdf), July 21, 2004

Restocking river terrapins (pdf)
News Straits Times, July 20, 2004

Breeding rescued reptiles (Malaysia) (pdf)
The Star, Hilary Chiew, July 20, 2004

Star tortoises seized at Chennai airport (Malaysia) (pdf)
Chennai Online News Service, July 12, 2004

EARTH MATTERS: Exotic tortoises face abuse (Malaysia) (pdf)
New Straits Times, Sarah Sabaratnam, July 2004

Opinion Editorial on the Asian Turtle Crisis (pdf)
Douglas Hendrie, June 16, 2004

Press release for the New Lucky Turtle Board Game (pdf)
Education for Nature - Vietnam (ENV), June 16, 2004

Bangladesh Turtles in Dirty Water (pdf)
BBC News (UK edition), May 17, 2004

Federal Agents Searching in Pennsylvania For Illegally Imported Fly-River Turtles (pdf)
Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer, May 5 2004

Second Exotic Smuggler nets 10 months in Jail (pdf)
The Associated Press, April 17 2004

Turtle smuggling gang uncovered following a trade seizure in Patna (India) (pdf)
NDTV, April 6, 2004

Tawun Once a Haven For Freshwater Turtles (pdf)
Jakarta Post, April 4 2004

Indian Pond Terrapins come out of habitat as pond goes dry (pdf)
The Hindu, March 31, 2004

Smuggling leave Star Turtles Shell-shocked (pdf)
Times of India, January, 29 2004


Soft-shell turtle farmers gamble on prosperity
Vietnam News ? Nov 12, 2003
An article on the profitability of soft-shell turtle farming in Vietnam.

Sixty-four Turtles Released into Cat Tien National Park
Education for Nature - Vietnam
October 3, 2003

Lucky Turtles Recieve another chance at life in Cat Tien (pdf)
September 25, 2003
Sixty four turtles were released in Cat Tien National Park in a bid to repatriate with nature turtles that were confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade. The turtle?s arrival at the park marked the end of a long journey that began with their capture several years ago by hunters.

Star turtles bound for Singapore seized in pre-dawn swoop (Malaysia) (pdf), August 28, 2003

Irrationality While Farming Soft-shell Turtles
Education for Nature - Vietnam, August 20, 2003
Soft-shell turtles have become domestic animals of highly economic value since 1990 when the former Hai Hung province succeeded in farming soft-shell turtles, becoming notable with soft-shell turtle farming models aimed at improving incomes for local people.

?Adventures of Lucky Turtle" released in Chinese (pdf)
July 11, 2003
?Adventures of Lucky Turtle" is a delightful children?s story about a little Asian freshwater turtle. This is a Chinese translation of the original book written in Vietnamese by Doug Hendrie and Vu Thi Quyen in 2000. It is intended to help raise community awareness about the threats to tortoises and freshwater turtles in southern Asia.

Turtle Conservation and Ecology Program (TCEP) Newsletter (pdf)
June 1, 2003
Newsletter from the TCEP, based in Cuc Phuong National Park (Vietnam).

Mock turtles (pdf)
Nature Publishing Group, May, 2003
One reptile enthusiast, working with a handful of academics, has described
a clutch of new Asian turtle species since the late 1980s. But are they what
they seem? Rex Dalton reports on a herpetological débâcle.

A container of dead turtles discovered at Hai Phong Seaport
Science and Development Newspaper, Vietnam, March 2003
Port authorities discover 11.2 tons of turtles in container at Hai Phong port.

An Illegant Transport of Wild Animals to Hanoi
People?s Newspaper, Vietnam, March 2003
Customs authorities confiscated nearly five tons of turtles and other wildlife at Noi Bai International Airport.

11 tons of turtles burnt down in Hai Phong
Pioneer Youth Newspaper, Vietnam, March 2003
11 tons of dead turtles incinerated after major trade seizure in Hai Phong port.

Run Away, Turtle
Education for Nature - Vietnam
January 16 , 2003


Live turtles seized at Thai airport (pdf)
August 7, 2002
Thai authorities seized more than four tonnes of live turtles, some of which were from endangered species, bound for cooking pots in southern China, at Chiang Rai airport in the country's north, officials said.

Photographic Guide to Turtles of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia (pdf)
May 8, 2002
The guide has been produced in four billiligual guides mainly for national conservation workers and officials in the region. Written and illustrated by three well-known experts: Bryan L. Stuart, Peter Paul van Dijk and Douglas B. Hendrie, this book provides a comprehensive well illustrated guide clarifying identification of 34 turtle species.

Endangered turtles transported to wildlife protection centers (pdf)
VOA, January 10, 2002
An illegal shipment of more than 7,000 freshwater turtles being sent to Chinese markets were rescued by wildlife officials in Hong Kong from illegal traders in Southeast Asia.


Turtle Conservation and Ecology Program (TCEP) Newsletter
December 2000
Newsletter from the TCEP, based in Cuc Phuong National Park (Vietnam). (WINZIP required)

Turtle Conservation and Ecology Program (TCEP) Newsletter (pdf)
February 2000
Newsletter from the TCEP, based in Cuc Phuong National Park (Vietnam).


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