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March 9, 2010

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A Partnership Coalition of Leading Turtle Conservation Organizations and Individuals

Strategic Action Planning and Funding Support for Conservation of
Threatened Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles

The following proposals were funded by the TCF during the November 2009 funding cycle:

Khin Myo Myo, Win Ko Ko and Kyaw Moe.  2009.  A survey on the conservation status of Heosemys depressa and other chelonian species occurring in eastern regions of Rakhine Yoma Elephant Range. 

Kyaw Moe, Win Ko Ko and Khin Myo Myo. 2009.  In-situ conservation of Batagur trivittata in Upper Chindwin River and survey and threat assessment for chelonian species in adjoining areas of Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Riyanto, Awal.  2009.  Habitat characteristic, distribution, natural history and current status of Leucocephalon yuwonoi in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

Eisemberg, Carla C., Kate Hodges, and Arthur Georges.  2009.  Grassroots environmental education in the Kikori Delta, Papua New Guinea focused on Carettochelys insculpta

Kuchling, Gerald and Rick Hudson.  2009.  Facilitating reproduction for the last pair of captive Rafetus in China. 

Schoppe, Sabine and Diverlie D. Acosta.  2009.  Husbandry of Siebenrockiella leytensis (Taylor, 1920) in its only range country assurance colony. 

Sovannara, Heng.  2009.  The Batagur conservation project, Cambodia.