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1st November 2009

Customs of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan confiscate 1255 Chinese Box Turtles (Cuora flavomarginata) from export

At 21:10hrs on the 29th of August 2009, Kaohsiung airport customs found 1,225 Cuora
flavomarginata concealed in 50 air cargo boxes declared as Ocadia (Mauremys) sinensis destined for Hong Kong.  Mauremys sinensis is only CITES appendix III while Cuora flavomarginata is CITES appendix II and a category II protected species in Taiwan.  This confiscation represents the largest confiscation of protected animals made by the department with the smugglers being charged under the wildlife conservation act Article 24 and Customs Anti-smuggling Act Article 37 (Item 2 and Item 3).

A confiscated Cuora flavomarginata at Kaohsiung Airport, Taiwan

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Translated by: Ho Ching Yin of the Asian Turtle Rehabilitation Program (ATRP)

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