January 15, 2006

New Calendar Promotes Turtle Awareness in Cambodia

Contributed by David Emmett, Conservation International Indo-burma Program

The new calendar was printed in Khmer and in English and includes information and photographs of all 11 confirmed species in Cambodia.

Conservation International (CI) and the BP-funded Cambodian Turtle Conservation Project (CTCP) supported the Cambodian Department of Fisheries in the production of a 2006 Calendar and Identification Guide, which displays all twelve species of tortoise and turtle that are known to occur in Cambodia.

Each month on the desk calendar highlights a different species, providing information on the habitat preference, IUCN and CITES status of that species, as well as giving interesting facts and identification advice.  The back of each calendar page displays an identification photo of the turtle or tortoise so that, at the end of the year, the twelve pages can be removed from the back of the calendar and used as a field identification guide.  The pages are glossy, so they are waterproof in the field.

Each page also contains a different quote relating to Asian turtle conservation.  Quotes were sent to Cambodia from around the world; from Nepal, China, Vietnam, USA, and the UK.  In addition, quotes were included from famous and inspirational figures in the region, such as Jackie Chan to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  The quotes were aimed at raising awareness of the global problems facing turtle conservation today.

Over 1,000 calendars were printed, mostly in Khmer.  They have been distributed throughout the Cambodian Ministry of Fisheries and Forestry, and to conservation NGOS across the country.  Hundreds of the Khmer calendars will be distributed to government rangers for use with in-situ protected area management, and many will also go to local communities living in and around priority sites for Cambodian turtle conservation.

English-language calendars have been given to NGOs, international donor agencies, and turtle conservationists worldwide.  The remaining calendars will be sold, and all profits will go to support Cambodia?s Batagur baska research and conservation project.

The calendar was produced by Sitha Som (CTCP), David Emmett (CI), and Prum Sitha (Department of Fisheries).  It was co-funded by CI, CTCP, and the Turtle Survival Alliance with generous support from the Batchelor Foundation.

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