October 1, 2006

The Adventures of Lucky Turtle
English-language edition

A new English-language version of the Adventures of Lucky Turtle was produced in August  2006.  A second edition of the story in Vietnamese is planned for release in early 2007.

A revised English-language version of the popular children?s story, The Adventures of Lucky Turtle has been released by Education for Nature ? Vietnam (ENV) in cooperation with the Vietnam-based Asian Turtle Program.

First published in 1999, the story was written by Douglas Hendrie and his wife, Vu Thi Quyen, to bring attention to the widespread and systematic exploitation of turtles to meet the demands of export markets.  The colorfully illustrated story follows the life of a turtle in Vietnam and reflects upon the harsh world that turtles and other wildlife face as a result of intense hunting and illegal trade.

In the story, Lucky Turtle is caught by hunters and sold to an evil trader.  Lucky turtle is terrified to discover that he is destined for China where he will surely meet his end.  With the help of some other animals, Lucky escapes, only to begin a new and equally perilous adventure of avoiding capture and trying to find his way home.

A second edition of the Vietnamese language version is currently planned for early 2007, and discussions are underway to produce and distribute a second edition in Chinese as well.

ENV wishes to thank the Auckland Zoo and Melbourne Zoo for their ongoing support for these and other efforts to conserve Asia?s turtles. 

For more information about the Asian turtle crisis, please visit the Asian Turtle Conservation Network website:

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