January 18, 2006

TCF Awards Announcement

The Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF) has awarded grants to four projects in Asia during the last round of grant applications in 2005.  These include:

1.  Peter Praschag and Ali Reza for a project focused on the ?Genetic verification of the identity of the black soft-shell turtle Aspideretes nigricans (Anderson, 1875)? in Bangladesh.
Amount awarded:  $4900

2. Mowdudur Rahman/Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation for raising awareness amongst local fishermen and others in support of conservation of Batagur baska in the Sundarban Reserve Forest of India.
Amount awarded:  $5000

3.  Bonggi Ibarrondo for conservation of the Rote snake-necked turtle (Chelodina mccordi) in Indonesia.  Amount awarded:  $5000

4.  Pierre Fidenci to carry out a study on the distribution, status, and conservation action of the Critically Endangered Philippine forest turtle, Heosemys leytensis, on Palawan in the Philippines.  Amount awarded:  $5000.

Information provided by the TCF