May 16 , 2006

New Hatchling Building to Relieve Crowding Situation in Turtle Center

A small new building at the Cuc Phuong Turtle Conservation Center (TCC) in Vietnam will provide desperately needed space for rearing of hatchling turtles born at the center.  The building was completed in April with support from the Dutch Tortoise Society (DTS), and currently is occupied by about 150 aquatic and semi-aquatic hatchlings. 

The Turtle Center, located about 120 kilometers southwest of Hanoi, currently holds about 1,000 turtles representing 15 native species.  All of the turtles maintained at the TCC were confiscated from the illegal trade or born at the center.  A conservation breeding programs has been developed at the center for five native species including Cuora galbinifrons, Cuora mouhotii, Sacalia quadriocellata, Mauremys annamensis, and Indotestudo elongata.  Six other species have bred at the center incidentally including recently Hieremys annandalii and Siebenrockiella crassicollis

Prior to completion of the new hatchling building, more than 50 glass tanks and plastic bins were maintained stacked from floor to ceiling in the center?s research building.  Hatchlings are not moved to outdoor facilities after a full year of growth when they reach about 10 cm or greater in length.

Special thanks to the Dutch Tortoise Society for their ongoing support for the TCC?s incubation and hatchling rearing efforts. 



For more information, contact:

Bui Dang Phong
Turtle Conservation Center
Cuc Phuong National Park
Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam

Asian Turtle Network
PO Box 222
Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone:  844-775-3935