December 26, 2006


ENV Training of Environmental Educators to Help Protect Freshwater Turtles in Coastal Wetlands of Southern Cambodia

Four lesson plans were developed for the planned school program: Introduction to Tropical Forests in the Coastal Zone, Introduction to Cambodia?s Turtles, Threats to

In December, Education for Nature ? Vietnam (ENV) hosted a ten-day intensive training course on environmental education for four members of the Cambodian Turtle Conservation Team and a manager from the Cambodian Department of Fisheries.  

The training course was held at ENV?s National Environmental Education Training Center at Tam Dao National Park, and was focused on introducing the Cambodian team to environmental communication as a conservation tool, and building the team?s skills and experience as educators. 

In early 2007, the Cambodian Turtle Conservation Team, in partnership with the Fisheries Department, will implement an awareness initiative focused on the conservation of tortoises and freshwater turtles, targeting communities in the coastal wetlands and inundated forests of Koh Kong Province, Cambodia.  The southern coastal region is home to nine of Cambodia?s 12 native species, including the critically endangered mangrove terrapin, Batagur baska

The critically endangered mangrove terrapin, Batagur baska, is one of nine tortoise and freshwater turtle species for which the awarenessprogram will focus.

In addition to learning important skills during the training, the team worked with ENV to develop specific awareness activities including four lesson plans for schools and a discussion-based awareness program targeting adult residents in local communities.  The group also developed rough outlines for activities aimed at raising awareness about the need to protect Cambodia?s turtles amongst the general public, in newspapers and on public radio. 

ENV has carried out 29 major training courses and dozens of shorter orientation programs since 2000.  ENV training activities have focused on teachers and environmental educators, protected area staff, forest rangers and other local stakeholders, as well as environmental education staff from international organizations.  ENV has also carried out training for environmental educators from Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. 

ENV wishes to thank the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) and the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund for supporting this initiative. 

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