Dong Xuan Market Shop-owners Agree Not to Sell Wildlife

Efforts to shut down the illegal sale of wildlife at Hanoi?s Dong Xuan Market have shown initial signs of success after market inspections during the past two months failed to record the presence of any wildlife.

The initiative was part of a campaign organized by the Wildlife Crimes Monitoring Unit of Education for Nature ? Vietnam (ENV), the Dong Xuan Market Management Board, and Hanoi Forest Protection Branch that involved raising awareness amongst shop owners and market inspectors and securing commitments by the shop owners not to sell wildlife.  Most importantly, the shop-owner commitments were linked to ongoing market monitoring and aggressive enforcement action aimed at preventing a resurgence of illegal activity. 

Dong Xuan market shop keepers must pass market monitoring inspections and maintain their commitment not to sell wildlife for six months before being awarded ?Wildlife Friendly Business Awards? by ENV. 

ENV carries out weekly monitoring of the market as part of ongoing efforts to combat the illegal trade of wildlife in Vietnam.

(Education for Nature-Vietnam, Wildlife Crimes Monitoring Unit, October 20, 2006)

Additional notes from the Asian Turtle Program:
Dong Xuan market has long been a hotspot for wildlife sold as pets or for medicinal use.  Turtles, macaques, pythons, monitor lizards, lorises and geckos were common occurrences in the market for years. 

Market monitoring by the Asian Turtle Program indicated that 20 of Vietnam?s 25 native species have been observed for sale in Dong Xuan Market since 1999.  Geoemyda spengleri, Cuora mouhotii, and Cyclemys sp. were the most commonly observed species, with Ocadia sinensis, Sacalia quadriocellata, Cuora galbinifrons (C. bourreti, C. picturata), Indotestudo elongata, and Manouria impressa observed with some frequency.  

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