June 30, 2006

Hatchling Count is 88 for the Critically Endangered Burmese roofed-terrapin

A rare first look at a hatchling Burmese roofed-terrapin, Kachuga trivittata

Chindwin River, Myanmar - The WCS Myanmar Program reported that 88 hatchling Burmese-roofed terrapins (Kachuga trivittata) have emerged from protected nests on the Chindwin River.  The offspring are from 200 eggs deposited during the December ? February nesting season (2006). 

The Chindwin River Conservation Project was initiated in January 2005 and is aimed at protecting wild populations of Kachuga trivittata on the Chindwin River, one of only two river systems where the species is known to persist in the wild.  The project, run by WCS in cooperation with the Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division of the Forestry Department, is also working with the Yadanabaon Zoo to establish a captive assurance population for the species.  A portion of this year?s hatchlings will be transferred to the zoo.

Left:  Plastron of a newly born Kachuga trivittata

Above: Temporary protection for nests that have been relocated from beaches without protection. 
Photos by Win Ko Ko, WCS

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