Platysternon megacephalum confirmed for Cambodia
News Note from David Emmett and the Cambodian Turtle Team

A recent patrol of Virachey National Park, in northeastern Cambodia, by Ministry of Environment rangers produced a rare record and photographs of the Big-Headed Turtle Platysternon megacephalum.  This is the first confirmed record of this endangered turtle in Cambodia, and it is highly significant from a conservation standpoint.  The turtle was found in a mountain stream on 20th September 2006 at 13:31, and was photographed and released at the point of capture.  Researchers from the Cambodian Turtle Conservation Team plan to follow up this finding with surveys both in that area and in other suitable habitats in and around Virachey National Park. 

In November, a live specimen of unknown origin was recovered from the trade in Phnom Penh and turned over to the Turtle Conservation Team. 

Cambodia is home to at least 12 tortoises and freshwater turtle species.

Above:  A photograph of the Virachey big-headed turtle, September 2006

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