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Each year, thousands of turtles are confiscated in Vietnam from the illegal wildlife trade by wildlife protection authorities. Due to lack of resources, many of these animals are either returned to traders or released back into the wild with little consideration given for health of the animal, natural range, or habitat requirements. Through your support we can rescue more turtles before they reach the soup pot.

Help us protect Asia?s turtles in their habitat.

Priority projects include:
Conservation of the critically endangered Vietnamese pond turtle (Mauremys annemensis) in central Vietnam

Protection of the last known living example of the Yangtze River soft-shell turtle, Rafetus swinhoei, in the wild. 

Turtle identification training for Forest Rangers and Police

Raising awareness about turtles and their conservation needs in local communities bordering parks and protected areas

Engaging university students and young professionals, and helping develop the next generation of local experts with interest in research and the conservation of turtles


Having survived on the earth for more than 250 million years, turtles may not be well adapted to surviving in a modern world dominated by humans. Hunting and trade of tortoises and freshwater turtles in Asia has precipitated an unprecedented crisis within the region that immediately threatens the survival of more than a dozen species, while other species remain under intense pressure from exploitation levels that can not possibly be sustained.

Urgent action is needed to protect Asian turtles. Project activities need to focus on both developing sustainable approaches to conserving turtles and responding to the immediate needs of some of the most critically endangered species.

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