Sacalia quadriocellata

Common Name: Four eyed turtle

Described by:
Siebenrock, 1903


Conservation Status: Endangered: IUCN Red List 2006


CITES: Appendix  III

Range: China (Southern and Hainan), Laos (in mountains or northeastern region and in Annamite Mountains of central region), Vietnam (in mountains of northern and central regions).

Habitat: Aquatic. Streams in evergreen forests. (Stuart et al., 2001)

Key Threats: Hunting and trade.


Clutch Size: 2 eggs (CNMA, 2002)
Diet: Omnivorous. Earthworms, prawns, fruits and plants.
(Stuart et al., 2001)

Distinguishing Features: Two or four bright yellow or green spots in the back of head. Three pale stripes on upper side of neck. Low smooth-edged carapace. (Stuart et al., 2001)

Size: Carapace to 15cm


Adult head.


Sacalia hatchling.

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