Below is a list of turtle species native to the region. Click on the species to access information and photographs.

Many profiles still under construction at the moment, so please check again in the future for updates. The green arrow indicates a detailed field guide.

Amyda cartilaginea - Asiatic softshell turtle
Batagur baska - mangrove terrapin
Callagur borneoensis - painted terrapin
  Chelodina mccordi - Rote Island snake-necked turtle
  Chelodina pritchardi - Pritchard's snake-necked turtle
  Chinemys megacephala
  Chinemys nigricans - Red necked pond turtle
  Chinemys reevesii - Chinese pond turtle
Chitra chitra - Southeast Asian striped softshell turtle
Cuora ambonensis - Asian box turtle
Cuora galbinifrons - Indochinese box turtle
Cuora trifasciata - Chinese three-striped box turtle
  Cyclemys dentata complex - Asian leaf turtle
  Cyclemys pulchristiata/atripons - Asian stripe-necked leaf turtle
  Cyclemys tcheponensis
  Dogania subplana - Malayan softshell turtle
  Geochelone platynota - Burmese star tortoise
Geomyda spengleri - black-breasted leaf turtle
Heosemys grandis - giant asian pond turtle
  Heosemys leytensis - Asian leaf turtle
  Heosemys spinosa - spiny turtle
  Hiieremys annandalii - yellow-headed temple turtle
  Indotestudo elongata - elongated tortoise
Kachuga trivittata - Burmese roofed turtle
  Malayemys subtrijuga - Malayan snail-eating turtle
  Manoria emys - Asian giant tortoise
  Manouria impressa - impressed tortoise
Mauremys annamensis - Vietnamese pond turtle
Mauremys mutica - Asian yellow pond turtle
  Notochelys platnota - Malayan flat-shelled turtle
  Ocadia sinensis - Chinese stripe-necked turtle
  Palea steindachneri - wattle-necked softshell turtle
  Pelochelys cantorii - Asian giant softshell turtle
  Pelodiscus sinensis - Chinese softshell Turtle
Platysternon megacephalum - big-headed turtle
  Pyxidea mouhotii - keeled Box Turtle
Rafetus swinhoei - Swinhoe?s soft-shell turtle
Sacalia quadriocellata - four-eyed turtle
Siebenrockiella crassicollis - black marsh turtle
  Trachemys scripta elegans - red-eared slider turtle


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