Cuora galbinifrons

Common Name: Indochinese box turtle

Described by: Bourret, 1939

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered: IUCN Red List 2006

CITES: Appendix  II

Cuora galbinifrons range
Cuora galbinifrons range.
(John B. Iverson)

Range: China (southern and Hainan), Laos, and north and central Vietnam.

Habitat: Terrestrial. Hillsides in woodlands and evergreen forests at mid to high elevations. (Stuart et al., 2001)

Key Threats: The Indochinese box turtle is threatened mainly by hunting and trade.


Clutch Size: 1-3 eggs (TCC)
Incubation period: Approximately 90 days (TCC)
Nesting period: April through June with May being the peak month (TCC nesting data)
Nesting site: Buries eggs under leaf litter (TCC)
Diet: Carnivorous. Small animals.
(Stuart et al., 2001)

Distinguishing Features: High domed shell which is variably pattered with a light stripe down the midline, and a wide pale band on each side that often contains black streaks. Plastron variably black and yellow, ranging from dark brown or black to yellow. Light stripe down the midline and broad light coloration along each side with dark speckles, dashes and irregular stripes or blotching. Hinged plastron. (Stuart et al., 2001)

Size: Carapace to 20cm.


Cuora galbinifrons head.

Variety of coloration and patterns in Cuora galbinifrons.

A variety of plastron.

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