Geoemyda spengleri

Common Name: Black-breasted leaf turtle

Described by: Gmelin, 1789


Conservation Status : Endangered: IUCN Red List 2006

CITES: Appendix III

Geoemyda spengleri

Geoemyda range
Geoemyda range.
(John B. Iverson)

Range: Vietnam (in mountains and hills of the northern region), China (southern). (Stuart et al., 2001)

Habitat: Terrestrial, forested hillside. However, while primarily terrestrial, it occasionally enters freshwater streams. (Stuart et al., 2001, CNMA, 2002)

Key Threats: Hunting and trade.


Diet: Carnivorous. Snails, slugs, earthworm and other forest floor invertebrates. (Stuart et al., 2001)

Distinguishing Features: Hooked upper jaw and large eyes. Carapace is light brown to orangish tan or olive yellow. Long, flat, narrow shell with three keels and distinct serrated marginals on the posterior edge of the carapace. Dark plastron with yellow edge. (Stuart et al., 2001)

Size: Carapace to 11.5cm

Similar Species: Pyxidea mouhotii. Juvenile Pyxidea mouhotii might be mistaken for Geoemyda spengleri due to similarities in coloration, presence of a distinct dorsal keel and serrated rear marginals. However, Geoemyda spengleri are more elongated and have flattened carapaces while juvenile Pyxidea have a slightly more domed shell. Additionally, the large round pupil and white eye is distinct for the species.


Geomyda head.

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