Cuora amboinensis

Common Name: Asian box turtle

Described by:
Daudin, 1802


Conservation Status: Vulnerable: IUCN Red List 2006


CITES: Appendix II

Cuora amboinensis range.
(John B. Iverson)

Range: Thailand, Laos (in Mekong lowlands of the southwest), Vietnam (lowlands of central and southern regions), Cambodia (lowlands), Bangladesh, Brunei, India (northeastern and Nicobar Islands), Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Phillippines and Singapore. (Stuart et al., 2001)

Habitat: Aquatic and terrestrial. Streams and marshes in lowland forest, rice paddies and mangrove creeks. Sometimes found quite far from water. (Stuart et al., 2001) Juveniles are entirely aquatic. (CNMA, 2002)

Key Threats: hunting and trade.


Clutch size: 1-2 (CNMA, 2002)
Nesting Season: April - June (CNMA, 2002)
Diet: Omnivorous

Distinguishing Features: Face and neck yellow, top of head lack, and three black stripes on side of face. Pale plastron usually with dark spot on the outer edge of each scute. Hinged plastron that allows the turtle to close up its shell like a box. Underside of the marginals yellow with black spot along the border. (Stuart et al., 2001)

Size: Carapace to 22 cm

Male/Female: Males have slightly concave plastra and longer thicker tails. (CNMA, 2002)

Cuora amboinensis head..

Cuora amboinensis hatchling.


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